about us

Locally grown, natural & organic farm raised meat, poultry and more. Exceptional quality and value.

All the meats and poultry that you will find in our Sunnydale Meats store are delivered directly from Sunnydale Colony (SDC Farms Ltd.) which is located near Perdue, Saskatchewan. SDC is a community of families that work together to raise and process all natural livestock. The colony has been a long time favorite supplier of high quality meat and poultry products, which can now be conveniently purchased from Sunnydale Meats store in Saskatoon.


All Natural.

All Sunnydale livestock is humanely raised and processed right on the farm – free of growth hormones and medications.  The animals are fed appropriate vegetarian diets with a combination of grass and grain as the seasons dictate. They live low stress lives and are allowed to roam freely outside, weather permitting. Due to our harsh winter climate barns and shelters are a necessity. Sunnydale builds and maintains animal housing to ensure the utmost cleanliness, health and comfort for the animals. On farm processing eliminates the high stress that animals experience during live transport.

Taste The Difference

It has been scientifically proven that happy, healthy, naturally raised animals create better tasting meat. You will truly experience this with Sunnydale Meats. Our fresh meat and poultry is not pumped with water and has no additives or preservatives. As our customers can verify, it is simply the best tasting meat that you will ever eat. So if you have not yet tried Sunndayle meat come in today and “taste the difference” for yourself!